Engagement models

We understand that the challenges faced by today's business are varied and diverse. Business processes must quickly adapt to the dynamics of market requirement to get ahead and stay there. To cater to a wide range of consulting and sales training requirement, we've devised flexible program and plans that are most useful for any organizational size and structure.

Our content is research-based and scalable across levels of management. The modular nature of our programs provide the flexibility for optimize impacts on specific challenges and behaviors.

Our engagement model provides flexibility to match your requirement and type of organization. From SMEs and large enterprise to a global organizations, the customization we offer is apt to your needs and focused on results.

There are two basic type of engagements we offer, though customization to your need is also possible.

Facilitation Engagement  Model
We can deliver programs using your own specialized content and be available as a SME delivery consultant.

Consulting  Engagement Model
We can implement learning solutions that really move the needle, perform deep assessments and engage with senior leaders to align the solution with the strategy.

Typical Consulting Model Workflow

Assess and Audit Requirement

The first step is to understand the requirements of your organization and arrive at a set of goals and objectives. Unless objectives are clearly defined, it is almost impossible to come up with a roadmap for success. This critical step involves intensive interaction through discussions, brain-storming sessions and interviews with all stake-holders. This forms the framework within which the entire training program will operate.

Design and Develop Training Solution

Once training needs are objectively spelt out, a solution is formulated that is customized as required. The design of the Solution is critical and focuses on important issues at the group and individual level. The training programs and processes that lead to tangible learning goals are defined and methods to measure the effectiveness of training are finalized.

Select and Prepare Faculty

A highly skilled and experienced team makes all the difference to successful implementation. The team must be selected carefully and prepared. There needs to be harmony between trainers in the understanding of the goals and objective, training methods and evaluation of success. Many important questions are addressed - What methods and techniques? What is the level of training? What are the principles of learning?

Implement Training Programme

This is where the rubber meets the road. The delivery of the training programme needs to be done with planned precision. Care is taken to see that all aspects are on track as per the plan. The training sessions will ensure that participants are in sync with the proceedings. The pace and complexity of delivery can be adjusted to match the assimilation levels of the participants.

Evaluate Outcomes

The final stage evaluates and quantifies the success of the training programme. Feedback from participants can also be collected.


"Sales Revolution has good understanding of the key challenges faced by most sales organization and our ability to mix our insights and experience and bring out solutions which are relevant and effective makes us stand apart."

- Rafique Ahmed
  Principal Consultant & Managing Director

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