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Achieving Service Excellence

Business Challenge

In today's customer-focused marketplace, service is a critical driver of customer retention and profitable growth. A key to ensuring the loyalty of customer lies in creating a predictably positive experience for them - every time they call or visit you. By delivering on their service promise successfully at every opportunity. effective organizations go beyond "customer satisfaction" and ultimately earn customer loyalty.

Key Content
Using highly interactive skill practice and peer advice exchange, this course focuses on the following content:
  • A discussion of different customer types, both inside and outside the organisation
  • Three driving principles of customer service that help shape the mind-set for outstanding service
  • Five key factors of service quality, based on research on customer expectations, that help service providers understand what their customer value most
  • A reliable, memorable customer-interaction process featuring skills that consistently lead to satisfying customers - in routine and challenging situations, by phone or in person.
  • An effective tool for avoiding making mistaken assumptions about customer requests
  • A service-recovery process that helps service providers respond to angry or upset customers with empathy, skill and confidence.
  • Tools and follow-up learning activities for reinforcement and skill application on the job

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