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Coaching Clinic for Sales Managers

Business Challenge

In order to achieve critical business results, organisations must make a significant investment in their salespeople. For sales managers, coaching is becoming a primary means of contributing to this investment and building sales capability. Generic coaching skills are not enough. Sales managers need to be able to coach, lead and add insight on specific sales tasks and situations. In short, they need to "coach the business". This course provides managers with an expanding set of practices and skills to help salespeople learn and develop capabilities that will contribute to individual and organizational success.

Key Content
  • Building learning into everyday work: Sales managers learn tactics for expanding their teaching role and adapting to individual learning styles.
  • Being a thinking partner: Strategies that enable sales managers to build their salespeoples' problem-solving skills and guidelines to help managers develop self-reliance and increased capability in their people.
  • Providing feedback to build capacity: An approach to deliver effective feedback that is designed to improve employee performance.
  • Coaching effective sales calls.

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  • Is the loss of control over key accounts impacting your revenues?
  • Are you looking at developing strategic account management capability of your sales force?
  • Do customers see value and view your relationship as strategic?
  • Can your account managers evolve from operating at transactional to higher levels?
  • Are you looking to build capabilities of your account managers to operate in a global sales environment?
  • Are you looking at developing your account managers as trusted advisors with key accounts?
  • Are you operating in the SMB segment and want to develop you account managers?

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