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Consultative Skills

Business Challenge

The dynamics of today's marketplace demand salespeople who see the world from their customer's point of view. Salespeople must effectively utilise the limited time they have with customers, shaping conversations that directly address customer needs and expectations to advance the selling process and shorten the cycle time to close business opportunities. The Consultative Skills course develops critical attitudes, skills and practices for interacting with customers. The course is based on research on the best practices that distinguish high-performance salespeople.

Key Content
  • Driving principles that high performers use to ensure successful selling process.
  • A model of the sales process seen from the buyer's point of view, linked with key skills at each stage.
  • Critical, practical skills and tools to open the sales call, advance the sales conversation, and conclude the call.
  • Techniques to create interest, handle objections, focus on client-specific business issues and benefits, present solutions, and close sales.

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