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Creating Customer Value

Business Challenge

Are your service providers an untapped resource for building customer relationships and increasing customer loyalty? Today, many companies are realizing large gains in revenue simply by giving their service providers = whether call center reps, service technicians, or account team members - greater responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction and greater flexibility to add value for customers. When your service providers know how to create unique value for each customer, they become a powerful force for customer acquisition and retention.

Key Content
  • The Value Orientation Frame: a research-based framework that allows service providers to determine what their customers value in a business relationship and how they can use service intangibles to add greater value
  • An extensive list of tactics for working effectively with customers of different value orientation
  • Methods for identifying, packaging, and distributing information to customers of all value orientations
  • A questioning strategy for identifying a customer's value orientation

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  • Is the loss of control over key accounts impacting your revenues?
  • Are you looking at developing strategic account management capability of your sales force?
  • Do customers see value and view your relationship as strategic?
  • Can your account managers evolve from operating at transactional to higher levels?
  • Are you looking to build capabilities of your account managers to operate in a global sales environment?
  • Are you looking at developing your account managers as trusted advisors with key accounts?
  • Are you operating in the SMB segment and want to develop you account managers?

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