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Executive Selling

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Research on Strategic Account management reveals that executive selling is an essential, but often overlooked competency for strategic account managers. This course is a set of advanced learning modules aimed at improving executive selling skills. Covering topic such as financial fundamentals, developing and conducting business strategy conversations with senior clients, these modules are based on our research into the skills that differentiate high-performance account managers in dynamic, cross functional, knowledge-based environments.

Key Content
  • Talking Business Strategy with customers gives salespeople the background they need to discuss business results with customers. This course provides a business strategy model with numerous customer examples, business development tools, and practical guidance to link element to strategy.
  • Taking results with customers helps salespeople determine how their products and services can impact customers' organisational, functional, and personal performance metrics. Provides tools for analysing customer metrics and spotting the critical few the salesperson can drive.
  • Developing conversion strategies and conducting conversions for senior customers helps salespeople gain confidence and competence in developing strategies for initial calls on senior managers. It also teaches salespeople how to move beyond fundamental questioning and listening skills to achieve more in-depth, engaging, productive conversations with senior customers.
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