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In days gone by, organizations enjoyed long periods of equilibrium punctuated by occasional change. Today, it is the reverse: Constant change is punctuated by seemingly rare periods of equilibrium. Organization that succeed in this environment have leaders who regard leading changes as an everyday aspect of their work. They stay ahead of the curve by anticipating, embracing, and orchestrating change to generate the necessary results.

Those who do this well are able to rewire themselves and their organizations to keep up, cope, and adapt - no mean feat, because research shows that only 20 percent of us have high levels of personal adaptability required to rapidly and effectively adjust and respond to ongoing ambiguity and change.

Our research shows that the leaders who successfully guide their organization through today's dynamic environment share three characteristics:

  • They have a much higher capacity for sustained high performance in turbulent conditions. This adaptability sets the tone for their organization, increasing its agility.
  • They know how to drive change and accelerate the impact of new strategies, initiatives, and priorities.
  • They understand and focus on managing the dynamics of commitment.
Key Content
This contains three modules:
  • Build Adaptability features an assessment of personal adaptability and the impact of adaptability on participants' change initiative and their management of ongoing change.
  • Drive Change Initiatives features a fast-paced simulation that provides a visceral experience of change and leadership actions that accelerate or inhibit planned change; a two part "change dashboard" that includes a change-phase diagnostic tool and a diagnostic of the risk factors shown by research to determine the success or failure of change initiatives; and tactics for moving effectively through each phase and mitigating risk in each phase.

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