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Sales Negotiations

Business Challenge

Customers expect business negotiations to result in positive, fair outcomes that satisfy all parties. This expectation requires salespeople who can negotiate in any sales situation, ensuring outcomes that preserve the relationship and create benefits both for the customer and the selling organisation. The sales Negotiation course teaches negotiation methods that enhance both the customer relationship and sales results. The course builds for working all phases of the negotiation, from preparation to follow-through.

Key Content
  • Driving principles that high performers use to ensure successful selling process.
  • Critical skills to identify the customer's position, create forward momentum and influence the customer's perception.
  • Discussion of five modes of negotiation and how they relate to result and relationships.
  • Examination of the perceived value that the customer is receiving and giving in the sales negotiation.
  • Practical application of five skills for surviving a competitive negotiation.
  • A worksheet tool for preparing and conducting competitive negotiations.

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