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Skills and Strategies for Team Leaders

Business Challenge

Competent teams improve productivity, reduce cycle time, and generate innovative solutions. Yet, many teams are ineffective, wasting time and resources on projects that do not achieve the desired results or are not linked to the business or to its customers. As a result, it is critical that teams have the knowledge and the skills to make meaningful contribution to the company's business goals and to customers' needs.

Key Content
This course focuses on the following content:
  • Defining the team leader's role and how it differs from a traditional manager's role
  • Gaining team and organizational commitment to team efforts
  • Harnessing the learning styles and knowledge bases within and across team
  • Accelerating a team's momentum in ties of change
  • Coaching the team and each team member to peak performance
  • Forging strong, enduring links with other teams and groups across the organisation

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  • Is the loss of control over key accounts impacting your revenues?
  • Are you looking at developing strategic account management capability of your sales force?
  • Do customers see value and view your relationship as strategic?
  • Can your account managers evolve from operating at transactional to higher levels?
  • Are you looking to build capabilities of your account managers to operate in a global sales environment?
  • Are you looking at developing your account managers as trusted advisors with key accounts?
  • Are you operating in the SMB segment and want to develop you account managers?

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