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Strategic Account Management

Business Challenge

Over the last decade, many companies have cut their supplier base, wanting to establish and maintain alliances with only a few core suppliers. Suppliers, in turn, are investing more of their resources in a few top accounts and developing strategic account management programs in order to grow those accounts. These companies are finding that the keys to Strategic Account Management success include effective training for strategic account managers and teams, the elimination of organisational barriers, and a focus on long-term goals.

Key Content
  • Participant ToolKit which contains instructions and tools for each of the five stages of the Account Planning Process. It serves as the participants' workbook in the session.
  • Account Plan Template for participants' consolidated account plans allows them to depart the session with one concise summary of their work. Participants can share their Account Plans with their managers and/or use them as an example for use with additional accounts.

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  • Is the loss of control over key accounts impacting your revenues?
  • Are you looking at developing strategic account management capability of your sales force?
  • Do customers see value and view your relationship as strategic?
  • Can your account managers evolve from operating at transactional to higher levels?
  • Are you looking to build capabilities of your account managers to operate in a global sales environment?
  • Are you looking at developing your account managers as trusted advisors with key accounts?
  • Are you operating in the SMB segment and want to develop you account managers?

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