Strategy and Execution

The Scientrix Strategy Matrix

We work together with executives to carefully think through and define the organization's destination, key outcomes and structural dimensions. We help to select the strategic directions with the highest value potential. Defining a high level strategy is often not enough. We help to granulate the strategies, identify key indicators and determine précised and focused initiatives. We provide the tools to track and monitor KPIs, initiatives and execution capabilities. Strategies are not likely to succeed if the organization is not involved. We provide a way to engage and connect people and cascade strategy into the organization with speed, creating a clear line of sight.

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We can help

  • Is the loss of control over key accounts impacting your revenues?
  • Are you looking at developing strategic account management capability of your sales force?
  • Do customers see value and view your relationship as strategic?
  • Can your account managers evolve from operating at transactional to higher levels?
  • Are you looking to build capabilities of your account managers to operate in a global sales environment?
  • Are you looking at developing your account managers as trusted advisors with key accounts?
  • Are you operating in the SMB segment and want to develop you account managers?

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